Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning in the Salon

It’s Spring Cleaning Time in the Salon

As the weather starts to warm and the sun streams in through the salon’s windows, I realize it’s spring-cleaning time. I love spring-cleaning. It’s an excuse to turn everything inside out and reanalyze how we do things. After a while, we just don’t see things. Take a fresh look.

It the salon, it’s also a great time to check the expiration dates on everything. Any retail products nearing expiration are gathered up and sent to a local women’s center.

While cleaning, we check the electrical cords on all appliances for wear. Anything that shows signs of wear is discarded and replaced with shiny new replacements. How much fun is that?
Plants can only stay if they fit the theme and are in spectacular condition. Otherwise, the dust-catching green leaves are out of here. I’m skeptical of anything that requires a ton of dusting.

Could it be it’s time to purchase new towels for the salon? It’s such an easy way to update the look. Toss the tattered magazines and look books, replacing them with current spring trends.
I might need to drag out the touch-up paint and fix nicks and scratches that detract from the salon’s appearance. When will it be time to repaint? Should I be thinking about fitting it into the budget?

Once everything is sparkling clean, it’s time to arrange the retail. Building small attractive displays of new spring merchandise, such as Nurture Lotion, will attract attention. Keeping the displays and testers in client areas can increase sales. Perhaps we can even build some specialty services around new products.Everyday cleaning is great for keeping dust and germs at bay.
Deep cleaning and adjusting the layout makes everything feel new. What a great way to prime for hot summer sales.


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