Monday, March 16, 2009

Vontries Couture Bath & Body

I had the occasion while working on a story some time ago to cross paths with Pat at and am pleased to share a bit of firsthand feedback on the delicious products she makes.

We tried the Sweet Aswan Pear bar soap. Our bar is a lovely cocoa and green color. My husband found the scent to be very unisex, quite unlike the scents I usually choose. The lather is luscious and plentiful. It left our skin feeling soft and moisturized.

I'm impressed. The bars came wrapped up beautifully with twine, nestled on wooden soap dishes.

To check out more handcrafted soaps an oils from this talented beauty professional, go to or call 733-490-8565.

I occasionally do product reviews. If you would like to be considered, you may send a sample to: Erin Snyder Dixon, PO Box 1189, Newport News, VA 23601. We do not receive any funding for reviews. If you would like to pass along a discount code, we will consider including it in the review. We don not guarantee that we will review a product or the time-frame in which we decide to do so. It is helpful if background info is included that can be included in the review. We review products (products, books, CDs, tools, etc.) that are related to health and beauty, or the written word.

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Looks really lovely. Sounds even better.