Monday, March 30, 2009

Calendar of Events and Publicity Opportunities

Calendar of Events/Publicity Opportunities

If your expertise fits any of these topics, take advantage by sending out a press release to newspaper, television and radio stations, or call up the media directly! For example, if you are a diversity consultant, professor,speaker or author, you'll want to let the media know about your expertise for "Celebrate Diversity Month," in April. You can share your advice on how to implement a more diverse workplace, what benefits there are to improving diversity in your company, and provide insights on challenges to diversity.

Use these dates to create your own media opportunities by writing press releases on these topics, contacting radio stations in your area, or becoming a featured expert on television or in print:

- April is Celebrate Diversity Month - A national observance that celebrates diversity in workplaces and communities.

- April is International Customer Loyalty Month - Created to honor and generate customer loyalty. Take this time to strategize and develop new ways to improve relationships with customers through better service and a higher quality business.

- April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month - This is a time for employees and employers to become aware of these conflicts and to learn how to deal with and manage them through communication.

- The first week in April is Laugh at work Week - Created to inform people of the importance of laughter and humor in the workplace. Humor helps improve productivity, teamwork, job satisfaction, stress relief, and employee retention.

- The first week in April is National Women's Nutrition Week - A week dedicated to recognizing the value of health in all phases of a woman's life and educating women about the importance of nutrition.

- The second week in April is Explore Your Career Options Week - A week designed to urge employees to recognize their unique talents and get a fresh start by taking stock of all the available options.

- The third week in April is Consumer Awareness Week - A week aimed at advising and helping consumers become aware of their rights.

- The fourth week in April is National TV Turnoff Week - A week created to encourage Americans to turn off their televisions to promote healthier and more connected families and communities.

- April 12 Easter Sunday

- April 13 is Easter Monday - National Holiday

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