Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guest Post: Confessions

I would like to thank guest blogger, Lorrie, for giving professional stylists a bit of a glimpse into what makes clients for life.

Guest Post: Lorrie
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Why I love My Stylist –Confessions of a Client
By Lorrie

I have been going to the same salon since I was in 5th grade (that’s 19 years of customer loyalty). You know after that long, the business must be doing something right.

I first went to Kim and Company (Stockbridge, MI)in 1990 and was seeing a stylist named Lori. Can you imagine, “Lorrie to see Lori”? She was great we would talk about school and life. She also attended the same middle school I had—that’s what you get living in a small town like mine.

It was in these first few years that I received several body perms and even tried getting my ears pierced (that ended badly but it was an experience). The staff was friendly and always personally welcoming.

Their first location was in a small building but yet it was alive with activity and I liked going there no matter what the size. Then they moved to their new location by the time I hit High school in 95.

It was here that I had my prom hair done by Robin, I was on the waiting list and someone had canceled, so an hour before I was to leave for prom I went to get my hair done. All I remember is there were curls and allot of bobby pins in this do. For awhile Robin was my stylist and I loved going to her and the new place.

The new location, which they are still in today, is spacious and inviting. They also sell Veda skincare and nail polishes etc.

My current stylist Veronica, is awesome; she cares for my mom and me, at a discounted rate because she’s further down the stylist chain in seniority. I’ve been going to her since I graduated college. She has even highlighted my hair several times.

Even though they are pricey at times, nothing compares with Kim and Company's customer service and care for the customers--that makes me a longtime loyal client.


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1 comment:

Rebecca Anne said...

well done Lorrie. Wow, I wish I could say I've been going to the same place since I was in 5th grade. I consider myself lucky that I've had the same hairstylist for 4 years now.
Yes, I've threatened her life if she ever tried to quit the business.