Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrubz Natural Skin Care Products

We just finished testing out the Wild Cherry Almond scent Scrubz.

As featured in and , Roberta Perry and Michelle Stark has a winner on her hands. She and her sister have worked from home and over the net to bring sugar to the front of consumer's minds--as a beauty aid.

The literature lists the Wild Cherry Almond scent as "a delightful combination of tangy cherry, sweet almond and a hint of other essential oils. Truly a delicious aroma."

"No preservatives, no color additives, and no alcohol."

We agree. We tried it as the literature instructed: as a body scrub/cleanser, a facial scrub, a shaving oil, and a moisturizer. It took the remnants of pain from my fingertips while leaving them soft. That was a bonus. As a shaving oil, it seemed a bit heavier than I am used to but rinsing the razor as they instruct had it working great. It did produce a nice, close shave and seemed to keep me from cutting myself. I would save shaving with it for the shower where there is plenty of running water. Everyone commented on how nice it smelled. I have to admit it produces a really close shave--even with a cheap razor.

As a cleanser it was fabulous. We used it all over our bodies and it felt great. It takes some getting used to compared to other scrubs. The fine texture is looser and I made a mess at first. I think I was using too much product. Most of the scrubs I've used hold together in a type of glob and can be scooped into your hand easily. This is more like pixie dust, in that it is finer and looser. I found that by making sure my hands were good and wet, it stayed in place. Turns out the consistency is also a super saver when it comes to your wallet. Taught me a new trick!

The Scrubz rinses nicely as promised. They also promise that it can help prevent in-grown hairs and razor bumps as well.

If you are looking for a moisturizer, the spray Oilz feels more luxurious than the Scrubz (used by itself after a shower). I particularly liked using the Scrubz followed by the Oilz. Together, they produce exceptional moisturization.

I do a lot of pedicures (professionally) and tried the Oilz as part of the massage and the clients really liked it. I found spraying it into my hands first, reduced any over-spray or mess.

I would give them a thumbs-up of approval. Own a salon? Retail outlet? They also have wholesale pricing.


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