Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Action Wipes Are BIG in the Salon

The funniest things happen while on twitter. A microblog will make you laugh or think or, well, click on their link. Such is the case when I started conversing with @MarthaVan on twitter. Little did I know that I would be introduced to one of the neatest products for my salon/spa lineup.

A sample of ActionWipes showed up in my mailbox about a week later. I'm always excited to try out new products. We try many and few live up to their claims. It's only recently that I've started to blog about products that come my way.

Actionwipes are wet wipes for adults. They are durable, washable, rechargeable wet wipes. The packs tuck nicely in a gym bag or glove box for post run freshen ups. WOW, they do freshen. With essential oils of eucalyptus and tea tree, they are an ideal natural choice. No more wimpy baby wiped for me or my clients. They contain no alcohol and are the perfect showerless alternative to running water. I'll be taking them in the car, boat, and RV for sure.

I made my first order for the salon/spa and they quickly sold out. So, I placed another. And don't think ActionWipes is resting in ther efforts, they are constantly upgrading and improving the packaging to make it more consumer friendly.

Tip: For a super refreshing wipe, store them in the fridge or cooler and they will also cool you down on hot days.

So, I've tried them and love them. I've even popped the used wipes in the washer and dryer then recharged with the available Cooling Spray

They held up great! I feel like I've done the environment a favor by reusing the wipes. it reduces packaging in the landfills and saves me money.

Check them out for yourself or your salon. Go to http://www.actionwipes.com/ or give them a call at 1-805-462-2215 You can even ask for them at your local sportg store--if they don't carry them, maybe they will order them for you.

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