Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why Your Stylist or Manicurist Loves You

I was recently asked to guest blog on Lorrie's website . She's a friend I met on twitter. Yes, that twitter--the social networking, microblogging site.
You can follow me @BeautyWriter or Lorrie @CuteAngel79 and join the conversation.


I occasionally do product reviews. If you would like to be considered, you may send a sample to: Erin Snyder Dixon, PO Box 1189, Newport News, VA 23601. We do not receive any funding for reviews. If you would like to pass along a discount code, we will consider including it in the review. We don not guarantee that we will review a product or the time-frame in which we decide to do so. It is helpful if background info is included that can be included in the review. We review products (products, books, CDs, tools, etc.) that are related to health and beauty, or the written word.

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1 comment:

lisaswrite said...

I'm also a Twitter friend. Loved the post! :)