Thursday, October 9, 2008

Value Added Services in the Salon or Spa

As conversations turn to economic woes and sudden uncertainty, the salon can hold enormous power in how they position services. Positioning services doesn't just pad the salon pockets, it helps the client get through tough times also.

So, what am I talking about? You think value added services is just about hyping the benefits of a service. Well, way off. Adding value gives clients another reason to choose us. Simple ways we add value are to absorb casts that the client would ordinarily have to pay for. Some of these costs are for things such as parking, snacks and beverages, trial sizes of products, use of additional facilities, or even the wonderful feeling they get when they leave.

For instance, try adding a simple complimentary coffee bar for clients. I hear clients complain that they are missing their favorite double grand latte because it just had to be cut from the budget. My clients come in and can partake of the grand Lavazza Coffee beverage center in the salon. They can have anything they want. Even take one for the road when they leave. I encourage it. Sure I have a tip center at the bar. The truth is that so far the tips have covered the entire cost of the coffee bar. You hear that? It pays for itself. But, there is more. The coffee bar gives a client a reason to rethink giving up her weekly manicure. 2 coffee drinks cost more than a manicure. In the client's mind, she is getting a deal. She gets to have her manicure and drink her coffee too.

I'm up front with my clients about my motives. I want to make the choice to come to my salon a easy one. Bored, just want to stop in and say "Hello"? I tell them to come on by. Stop, look around, have a cup of coffee. The increase in retail and appointments is worth every bit of effort. The coffee bar entices the clients to keep coming back for more.

So, what other ways do we add value to services. Be creative. Listen to what your clients say they are giving up in these hard times. Tucked into those dreaded budget cuts are opportunities for you to attract clients and keep them. Endear them by giving them back their standard of living.

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